How to pull gold tones & gray colors together when decorating

Updated February 21, 2017

Most decor is centred around a colour scheme of complementary or contrasting colours, which are usually all cool or all warm colours. Create a balanced room by decorating with gold -- a warm colour -- and grey -- a cool colour. The two tones can work to create a visually stimulating room without it being too warm or too cold. Think of golden leaves against a grey autumn sky or majestic gold artefacts set against grey stone for inspiration.

Paint the room grey or use a patterned wallpaper that includes grey and white. Alternatively, use a golden colour on the walls.

Use neutral-coloured furniture in the room, such as grey, black or white. Wood should have a deep, warm golden tone to complement your colour scheme. Mix in golden furniture if possible. For example, pair a grey sofa with a gold armchair, as long as the pieces are complementary in size, style and shape. Use pillows with patterns to unite the furniture.

Brighten the room with gold-coloured window treatments. A gold and grey pattern will incorporate the grey from the walls, while adding warmth and colour.

Hang gold-framed pictures, mirrors or paintings with gold tones. Alternatively, gold sconces or sculptures will "pop" off the grey walls.

Accessorise the room with patterns and other items that fall within your gold and grey colour scheme. It's OK to include a neutral colour, such as white or black to anchor the colour scheme. For example, put white flowers in a gold vase, a grey and white patterned pillow on a gold chair and a gold and white patterned pillow on a grey chair. Use a grey and white or grey and yellow patterned rug to anchor your entire room.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint/wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • Window coverings
  • Wall decor
  • Accessories
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