How to make a children's chef hat

Updated February 21, 2017

The large, puffy hat worn traditionally by chefs is recognisable. When you see someone wearing one of these hats, you know they're an expert with food and flavourings. You can make one for your kids out of simple household materials so they can play at being a chef, or actually help you in the kitchen, and look the part. You and your child can make this chef hat in an afternoon.

Fold a sheet tissue paper into thirds, then unfold one of the sides, so you have a sheet of paper that is one-third the size of the original sheet. Repeat with the other sheets.

Place the strip of card stock with the long edge facing you. Lay out the sheets of tissue paper on top, with all of the folds pointing in the same direction, covering about the top inch of the cardboard. The tissue paper should be about ½-inch from the side edges of the card stock, so the pages slightly overlap each other.

Tape the tissue paper onto the card stock.

Roll the cardboard into a headband shape. You don't need the hat to be exact right now, as you are still shaping it, and the tape side will be facing out. Keep the shape with a paper clip or two.

Bunch up the top inch of the tissue papers together, and twist together slightly. Tape this top knot together, and trim off the top of the tissue paper.

Unclip the headband and reroll it, tape-side in, into the headband for the hat. Place it on your child's head, and adjust it. Puff out the hat a little.


While the traditional chef's hat is white, yours doesn't have to be. Use coloured markers to colour it whatever your little chef wants.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 sheets of white tissue paper
  • 26-by-3-inch strip of white card stock
  • Tape
  • Paper clips
  • Markers (optional)
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