How to Transplant Daphne Shrubs

Updated July 19, 2017

Daphne shrubs are evergreen shrubs that bloom fragrant white flowers from midwinter to early spring. It will make a lovely border during the winter when other plants are dormant. If you are thinking of removing daphne shrubs from their current location, do so in the late summer to early fall to prevent winter browning that can affect evergreens.

Locate a new spot in your yard for the daphne shrub. It needs shade and well-drained soil.

Water the shrub in its present location three days before digging it up, so the soil will be moist when the shrub is removed.

Excavate a trench around the Daphne shrub 12 inches wide as well as 12 inches deep, so you can remove the root ball intact.

Raise the root ball carefully out of the hole as to not harm it. Wrap the root ball in damp burlap. Carry the shrub by the root ball, not the trunk, to the new location. Place on an old sheet or in a wagon if it is too heavy.

Dig a hole in the new location three times the size of the root ball. Position the root ball in the hole at the same depth as in the previous site.

Refill the hole halfway with soil. Cut open the burlap and complete refilling the hole. Water deeply until the water puddles on top to re-establish the roots in the new site.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Burlap
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