How to Design Your Own Air Max 95

Nike's id program allows you to customise your Nike athletic shoes. The program utilises existing shoe styles from Nike's catalogue and allows you to select the colours you would like for each portion of the shoe, allowing you to create your own design aesthetic on proven shoe styles. One of the shoe styles offered for customisation through the Nike id program is the Air Max 95, so named for the style's introduction in 1995.

Go to the Nike id website.

View the tabs at the top of the main page and locate the "Men's" tab.

Move your cursor over the "Men's" tab, which will bring up a menu of options.

Click on the "View All" option.

Click the icon that reads "Nike Air Max 95 id Shoe." This will bring up a plain image map of the Nike Air Max 95 shoe.

Go to the sidebar and click on the words that correspond to different portions of the shoe to choose a colour scheme for your Air Max 95 shoes. This sidebar will appear to the right or left of the shoe's image, depending upon the web browser you are using to load the Nike id site. This menu allows you to choose a colour for the Air Max 95's panels, vamp and tongue, Swoosh and lace loops, lace, lining, midsole, airbag and outside accent, and outsole.

Look for the Personalize option on the sidebar. It will be located right below the colour options. You can elect to have up to six characters embroidered on each shoe.

Look for the size option at the bottom of the right sidebar and click on it to select the size of your Air Max 95.

Click on the "save," "share" or "buy it now" button at the very bottom of the right sidebar. Saving it will save the shoe design for later access, while sharing it will make it available for others to view on Nike's id website. Click the "add to cart" button to purchase your customised Air Max 95.

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