How to Scan 2 Inch Slides

Written by mark spowart | 13/05/2017
How to Scan 2 Inch Slides
Scanning slides, even odd-sized slides, is the best way to convert them to digital files. (NA/ Images)

Scanning slides is good way to convert your archive of photographic slides into digital files. Most dedicated film scanners come with a number of different carrier trays. While 35mm slides may be the most common type of slide film that was produced, there were also other sizes and formats produced over the years. One such format was a larger 2 x 2-inch slide. These slides may or may not be mounted into slide holders. Either way, you can scan these slides the same way you would scan 35mm slides, it will just take longer per slide.

Turn on your computer and dedicated film/slide scanner. Open up the scanner's software on your computer.

In the preference or option section of the scanner software, designate the type of slide you are about to scan as being a 2 x 2-inch slide.

Create a new folder in your computer and designate this folder as the location where your scanned slides will be saved.

Prepare your 2 x 2-inch slides to be scanned by gently cleaning them using an anti-static cloth. This cloth will remove any dust from the slide and help prevent dust collecting onto the slide during the scanning process.

Place the slides into the slide carrier and secure them in place by closing the top of the slide carrier.

Insert the slide carrier into the film scanner, and press the "Start" button either on the scanner or in the software.

Things you need

  • Anti-static cloth

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