How to Troubleshoot JBL Creature

Updated February 21, 2017

JBL's Creature is an organically styled, small satellite-style speaker system. The larger unit is the subwoofer and provides bass response. On/off, treble and bass controls are on this unit. The two smaller pieces are the tweeters. The right tweeter contains the system volume control. Problems with JBL's Creature can include no sound from the speakers; distortion, including static or crackling; or other audio issues. Problems like these can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Plug the Creature into the wall power outlet if there's no sound from the speakers. Check that any power outlet panels you are using are turned on. Look for a green LED on the larger Creature unit that indicates power is being delivered. Check that the two smaller satellite tweeters have lights on that also indicate a connection to the system. Plug the cables in again if you hear a loud hum or buzzing from the subwoofer.

Eliminate sources of interference if you hear distortion. Try turning off computer monitors. Try running speaker cables farther from the monitor. Unwrap speaker cables; don't cable tie them in a tight loop.

Lower the volume on the source supplying audio to the Creature if distortion continues. Try another source to see if the problem was caused by the original source. If the distortion goes away when using the second source, the problem was with the first.

Turn the JBL Creature's bass and treble knob down if there's too much bass or treble. There's a centre position that you'll feel --- it's a tactile notch. Try the centre position for both controls.

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