How to cut corrugated PVC roof sheets

Updated February 21, 2017

Corrugated PVC roofing keeps rain and debris from entering a building while allowing natural light to enter the structure. Cutting corrugated sheets to length is a standard part of roof installation. Cutting the sheets requires a different technique than cutting steel or aluminium sheeting. Using the wrong method to secure and cut the material will result in chipped or cracked sheets.

Set a corrugated PVC sheet onto a stable work table.

Pull a tape measure along one side of a corrugated sheet. Mark the cut location with a permanent marker. Move the tape measure to the opposite parallel side of the sheet. Place a second cut mark on the sheet.

Align one edge of the board with the two length marks. Draw a line along the aligned edge with a marker. Move the board 10 to 15 cm away from the reference line.

Align a carbide blade attached to a circular saw with the marked line.

Pull the trigger of the circular saw. Slowly push the saw along the cut line while maintaining downward pressure on the board. Allow the sheet to vibrate to reduce chipping.


Wear safety glasses and heavy-duty gloves when cutting corrugated PVC sheets.

Things You'll Need

  • Work table
  • Tape measure
  • Permanent marker
  • Board
  • Circular saw with carbide blade
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