How to Use Kaossilator & Microkorg Together

Updated April 17, 2017

The Korg Kaossilator and Microkorg can be synced together by way of MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface for short, to keep the same timing between both of the machines.You will have to go into the "Global" settings on both machines in order to make the connection properly. For one will send the time-clock signal, and the other will receive it and slave itself to the other machine. With the right instruction, you can use both of these powerful instruments together as if they were one.

Make the MIDI connections between both of the machines. Plug one end of a MIDI cable into the Microkorg's "MIDI Output" jack, then the other end into the Kaossilator' "MIDI In" jack. Plug the other MID cable into the Microkorg's "MIDI Input" jack, and the other in the Kaossillator's "MIDI Output" jack.

Plug two of the 1/4-inch instrument cables into the Microkorg's "Main L" and "Main R" outputs, then plug the other ends into separate "1/4-Inch Line Input" jacks on your mixer. If you only want to use one instrument cable, then plug it into the "Main L output" instead.

Plug the other two 1/4-inch instrument cables into the Kaossilator's "Main L" and "Main R" outputs, then plug the other ends into the empty "1/4-Inch Line Input" jacks on your line audio mixer. If you only want to use one instrument cable, then plug it into the "Main L Output" instead.

Set the Microkorg to control the Kaossilator. Turn the "Edit Select" knob on the Microkorg to the "MIDI" position, then use "knob 1" to select the desired MIDI channel to communicate with other MIDI devices on. Both machines will have to be set to this MIDI channel, so remember which one you set the Microkorg to. Turn the MIDI control knob to "Clock," then select "Master" from the multiple options.

Sync the Kaossilator to the Microkorg. Hold down "Shift" and hit the "Program Memory 4/MIDI" button on the Kaossilator. Turn the "Program/BPM" knob until you see "GL. CH" appear in the display, then press the "Program/BPM" knob. Turn the same knob now to select the MIDI channel that you previously assigned to the Microkorg.

Press play on the Microkorg to begin playback on both machines. The timing of the Kaossillator will be synchronised to the Microkorg.


Go into the "MIDI Filter" settings of both machines to specify what kind of information is transmitted and received by MIDI connections. To control the Microkorg by the Kaossillator, select "Ext" in the MIDI "Clock" settings described in step four.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 MIDI cables
  • Line audio mixer
  • 4 1/4-inch instrument cables
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