How to Update the Navigation System on a Range Rover

Updated February 16, 2017

When purchasing a Range Rover, buyers often have the option to add extra features and equipment, such as a GPS navigation system. The navigation systems guide drivers to many North American destinations while displaying points of interest such as hotels, restaurants and fuel stations. Every year, map updates are released that provide the most current information on city streets and highways. The updates can be purchased from NAVTEQ's Land Rover online shop, then installed on the GPS system.

Go to the NAVTEQ website and click on "Store" at the top of the page. Use the menus on the left to choose "Built-in, Factory Installed" and "Land Rover." Click the link shown.

Click "English," then "Range Rover." Choose your vehicle's year. Any available map updates are displayed.

Click "Add to Cart" and "Checkout." Complete the order by providing billing and shipping information. You are mailed the update on a DVD.

Start the Range Rover and turn on the GPS. Insert the DVD into the disk drive and wait for the update screen to appear.

Enter the authentication code printed on the DVD case when prompted. The update process begins. When the process is complete, eject the DVD.


Do not turn off the Range Rover or eject the disk during the update. These actions may permanently damage the GPS.

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