How to Change a DVD Player From Region 2 to Multi Region

Updated March 23, 2017

Expatriates and international travellers who bring DVDs back home often find the foreign DVDs won't work in their DVD players. Many DVD players are set by the manufacturer to play DVDs from one of six zones, and they can't play discs from different zones. This is meant to deter people from watching DVDs of new movies before they have been released in theatres in different countries, where release dates are often later than U.S. release dates. Fortunately, the zone on most DVD players can be changed to work with all zones using the remote control and a code. These steps explain how to unlock a Philips DVP 630, a common Zone 2 DVD player. The code is different for every make and model of DVD player, and most codes can be found on the Internet (see Resources).

Make sure changing the region code doesn't void the manufacturer's warranty. You can find this information in the DVD player's instructions or by contacting the company.

Turn the DVD player on, and press "open" on the remote control or on the machine itself.

Press this code into the remote: 789

Press OK, then press 0. A "0" should appear in the lower left side of the screen. For Phillips, zero is the code number for multi-region. In place of the zero, you can also press the number of the specific region you want to play.

Play the non-Zone 2 disc to check if it works.


If you know you will be watching foreign DVDs, buy a player that is already multi-region. These might be difficult to find in the U.S., but they are not illegal. Many foreign-bought DVD players are multi-region or come with region-changing codes in the instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Philips DVP 630 DVD player and remote control
  • Disc (non-Zone 2)
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