How to Control the Volume in Media Monkey

Updated February 21, 2017

Media Monkey is a multipurpose digital media program designed for the Windows operating system. You may control the volume in Media Monkey two different ways. You can adjust the volume within the program itself, and you can adjust the overall volume of your computer. Both of these things can be accomplished using tools either native to Media Monkey or native to the Windows operating system.

Locate the "Volume" indicator in the Media Monkey program window. Next to this indicator are two buttons -- one arrow pointing up and one arrow pointing down. Click the "Up" arrow to increase the volume within the Media Monkey program, and click the "Down" button to decrease the volume within the Media Monkey program window.

Click the "Volume" icon in your Windows system tray to open the volume control panel for your computer's speakers.

Slide the indicator bar up to increase the volume of your computer speakers (which will also increase the volume in Media Monkey), and slide the bar down to decrease the volume of your computer speakers.

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