How to Adjust HID Headlamps on a Saab

Updated July 20, 2017

Headlight adjustment on any vehicle is important for overall driving safely. Misaligned headlights can be just as bad as broken headlights. Adjusting the high intensity discharge headlights on your Saab vehicle is a simple process that requires you to adjust the headlight alignment screws above the headlamp assembly. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes.

Park your Saab vehicle approximately six feet away from a blank wall. Make sure the headlights are facing the wall.

Measure the distance between the ground and the centre of the headlights.

Mark this distance on the wall with tape. This will serve as a reference point when aiming the headlights.

Turn off the engine of your Saab vehicle and open the bonnet. Locate the headlight alignment screws. The headlight alignment screws should be located above each headlight assembly, one on each side.

Use the screwdriver to rotate the screw in order to adjust the headlight. Rotating this screw clockwise will lower the headlights. Rotating the screw counterclockwise will raise the headlights. The headlight beams should be aimed two inches below the reference spot on the wall. Any higher and your beams may blind oncoming drivers.

Close the bonnet.


The engine may become very hot when on. Take care not to burn yourself when adjusting the headlights. Consider wearing gloves as an extra precaution.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank wall
  • Tape
  • Tape measure
  • Phillips screwdriver
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