How to fix iPod earbuds that hurt my ears

Updated February 21, 2017

Every brand new iPod comes with its own set of Apple earbuds. This fact is convenient if you do not already own a pair of earbuds. Many iPod owners find these earbuds to be uncomfortable. You may even find that the earbuds hurt you whenever you use them. Buying a brand new pair of headphones or earbuds should not be your first step. You just might find that dealing with the iPod earbuds is less expensive, possibly significantly cheaper, than buying new headphones.

Rest the iPod earbuds comfortably in your ears without pressing them deep into your ears. This will alleviate some pressure and discomfort. The earbuds may fall out of your ears, however, if you are running or making other significant movements.

Turn the volume of your iPod down. You may be experiencing pain due to the constant loud noise coming from the earbuds, and not the actual earbuds.

Take a 15- to 30-minute break from the iPod. The pain you're feeling may be due to tenderness caused by the earbuds remaining in your ears for a significant period of time.

Place foam covers on the iPod earbud covers. These protect your ears from the plastic found on the iPod earbuds. Depending on the size of your ears, the foam covers may even prevent the earbuds from falling out as you listen to your iPod.

Wear iPod earbud adaptors. Adaptors allow you to listen to your iPod without actually having to place the device's earbuds in your ears. Instead, the earbuds go inside the adaptors, and then the adaptors fit around your ears.


Invest in different earbuds/headphones if none of the above steps work, as it's likely that the earbuds just won't fit comfortably in your ears or that you simply aren't a fan of these particular earbuds.

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