How to Reset the Brake Warning Lamp on the Mini Cooper S

Updated July 20, 2017

The Mini Cooper is equipped with an on-board computer that provides you with information about your trip, the various systems in your car and environmental conditions. With such a wealth of information available it can be confusing when a warning lamp such as the brake indicator lights up. The brake indicator lamp can indicate a minor condition that you can deal with on your own or it may be the result of major problems that require professional repair.

Examine the warning lamp and determine how many indicator lamps are lit. There are two possible lamps for brake warnings. At the top of both the tachometer and the speedometer there is a circular lamp that will light up with the word "BRAKE." At the bottom of the tachometer is a large blank square that may light up with the brake symbol, which is an encircled exclamation mark surrounded by parentheses.

Release the parking brake if the "BRAKE" warning lamp is the only lamp that is lit. This lamp indicates the parking brake is engaged.

Contact a Mini dealer or service provider as soon as possible if both the "BRAKE" and the brake symbol lamps are lit. If they are lit up in yellow, this indicates the hill assist feature, which holds the car in place when the foot brake is released, has failed. If the lamps are lit up in red, either the brake fluid is too low or the brake pads are worn and require replacement. Both conditions require service and the lamps will automatically reset when the condition is resolved.

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