How to Verify a Craigslist Account With VoIP

Written by jennifer moore | 13/05/2017
How to Verify a Craigslist Account With VoIP
Verify your Craigslist account with your VoIP phone by contacting the company. (phone image by Eisenhans from

Craigslist is an online advertising website, but increased use of spam advertising has made the company tighten its security requirements. Currently, you are not permitted to place ads unless you have a landline or cell phone that can be verified. VoIP numbers are not accepted by Craigslist, because they are easily and often changed, making it a popular phone option for a spammer. If you have VoIP as your only phone option, you can still advertise on Craigslist, but have to use a roundabout method.

Go to the Craigslist website and click on "About" and click on "Contact Us" (see Resources). Select "Phone Authentication Issue."

Fill in the form and supply your e-mail and your VoIP phone number. Explain that you only have a VoIP phone number and would like a customer service representative to verify this number.

Expect to receive an e-mail or call from a Craigslist representative who will help you manually verify your phone number.

Contact Craigslist customer service at 1-800-664-0633. Select the customer service option from the prompts given by the automated answering machine. Choose the option for phone authentications.

Wait for a customer service representative to come on the phone. Discuss the issue with the representative. He will inform you whether he can verify the account manually.

Expect the customer service representative to call you back and verify the VoIP phone number.

Visit a website like the PVA store, Craigslist Accounts or Craigslist Phone verified accounts (see Resources) when you cannot get your VoIP phone verified or you have too many Craigslist accounts already.

Purchase the number of verified Craigslist accounts you need.

Receive the usernames, passwords and e-mails for the number of verified Craigslist user accounts you purchased in your e-mail account.

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