How to Make Sky Remote Work With My TV

Written by pamela gardapee | 13/05/2017

After you have placed the two AA batteries in the remote and have it set up to control the Sky box, you can program the remote control to control the TV. When you change the batteries, make sure that you replace the remote control batteries within 10 minutes to avoid losing the TV setting or you will need to reprogram the remote to operate the TV again. If you have a Sony TV, the remote is already programmed to control the TV. All other brands of TV will need to be programmed into the remote.

Turn on the Sky box and the TV. Press the "Interactive" button on the remote to find the code for the TV if you don't have the code for your particular TV brand.

Use the up and down arrows surrounding the "Select" button to highlight "Sky Customer Service" and press "Select." Use the arrow buttons to highlight "Technical Assistance." Find the code for your particular TV. Write down the code.

Press the "TV" button on the Sky remote control. Press "Select" and the "Red" buttons together and hold until the light at the top of the remote control flashes two times.

Press the "TV" button again.

Use the number keypad to enter the code for the TV. After you enter the code, the remote control light will flash two times. If you entered an incorrect code, the light will only flash one time. Re-enter the code again until you see the light flash two times.

Press the "Standby" button after the light flashes two times. If the TV turns off, press the "Select" button between the arrow buttons. The light will flash two times. Note: if the TV didn't turn off, continue to press "TV" and then "Standby" until the TV turns off. Then press "Select."

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