How to Rename a Playlist on an iPhone

Updated March 23, 2017

iPhone owners who desire to hear their favourite musical selections on their phones have the chance to create playlists via iTunes. This lets you create separate lists for events such as a party, vacation or just for your own enjoyment. However, you may want to make changes to a playlist or insert new songs into a certain type of playlist. If you know the keys on your phone with which to work, you can rename a playlist on your iPhone with ease.

Launch iTunes on your iPhone and give it a chance to come up on your screen (see Resources).

Locate the particular playlist you want to rename and then click this item once.

Click your playlist again after a period of two seconds. This causes a blank box to come up over the name of the playlist you want to change.

Enter the title of your new playlist in the box and then push "Enter" to rename the item.

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