How to Install Speakers on a 2002 Honda Civic

Updated February 21, 2017

Honda Civics built in the 2002 model year were equipped with two pairs of factory-installed speakers. One pair was installed in the front doors and the second pair was located in the rear deck. Different sized speakers are used in the two locations. The front door has round, six and a half inch speakers and the rear deck speakers are oval-shaped six by nine inch speakers. You can replace these speakers using hand tools, although you should budget several hours for the work involved.

Use a panel tool to pry off the triangular panel at the leading edge of the door panel and window.

Pry the two screw covers off the inside of the door release handle inside the car. Remove the two Phillips screws from behind the covers. Pry off the screw cover in the power switch panel on the door panel. Remove the Phillips screw from behind the cover.

Pry around the edges of the door panel with a panel tool until the panel is loose. Lift the panel up off of the door to remove it.

Push downward on the metal clip at the top of the speaker and pull outward to remove the speaker. Disconnect the wires on the back of the speaker.

Plug the new speaker into the wiring. Place the speaker in the opening and screw it into the door with ½-inch sheet metal screws. Test the speaker and replace the door panel. Replace the speaker in the other door using the same method.

Use a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the 10mm bolt from behind the centre of the rear seat bottom cushion. Pull up on the front edge of the seat bottom and remove it from the car.

Fold down the rear seat backs. Fold the carpet on the seat backs out of the way. Remove two 10mm bolts from the brackets holding the seats and lift to remove the seat backs.

Pry outward on the pillar trim panels with a panel tool. Pry around the edges to remove the panels.

Pull the front edge of the rear deck panel toward you. Lift upward and remove the panel.

Remove the four Phillips screws attaching each speaker to the rear deck. Unplug the speakers from their wiring connectors. Plug the new speakers in, screw them into place and test them. Replace the removed materials.


Panel tools can be purchased at auto supply stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Panel tool
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill
  • ½-inch sheet metal screws
  • 10mm socket and ratchet
  • 14mm socket and ratchet
  • 8mm socket and ratchet
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