How to Adjust My Daewoo TV

Updated February 21, 2017

A Daewoo television system comes with built-in adjustment options ranging from changing the colour to the overall TV sound. If you are not happy with the current settings or the way the Daewoo is producing the audio and video content, correct the programming issues with just a few buttons on your system's remote control.

Press the "Power" button on the Daewoo television's remote control, then choose "Menu." This brings up all the settings for the television.

Select "Picture" to view the image settings for the Daewoo. Push the directional arrow buttons on the TV to highlight the setting you want to change. "Colour" controls the overall saturation for the television, "Brightness" controls the black levels on the set and "Hue" adjusts the reds and greens in the image.

Press "OK" to select an option, then push the right or left directional arrow to increase or decrease the setting.

Return to the menu on the display settings and choose "Sound." This brings up the sound options. Select either the "Treble" or "Bass" as the options you want to adjust. Treble controls the high notes of the audio, while bass controls the low notes. Once you have completed your adjustments, push "OK" to exit the main menu.

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