How to Burn a DVD from a VIDEO_TS File on a Mac

Digital video files can be confusing to work with, but free programs such as Burn for Mac OS X make certain tasks simple. Burning DVDs from VIDEO_TS folders is easy with Burn, which can produce ready-to-watch DVDs from any Mac with a DVD-R drive.

Make sure that you have all of the proper TS files. In the directory containing the folder titled "VIDEO_TS," there should also be a folder titled "AUDIO_TS." Make sure that both of these folders contain files. The contents aren't important, but you should see .vob files in the VIDEO_TS folder. If either of these folders are empty or non-existent, you may have an incomplete version of the video or you may have inadvertently moved files or folders.

Download and install the free, open-source program Burn for Mac OS X (see "Resources" below).

Open Burn and drag the VIDEO_TS folder into the large white box that appears under the "Name" tab when the program opens. You should see your folder appear in the box; it is marked with its name and size.

Click on the "Video" tab at the top. Open the selector box on the right side of the panel and select "DVD-Video." You can also give your DVD a name by entering text into the field that reads "Untitled."

Insert the blank DVD-R disk into your Mac's disk drive. After a few seconds, a dialogue box asking what you want to do with the blank disk will appear; choose "Cancel" or close out of this box.

Press the "Burn" button on the bottom right side of the program screen. A dialogue box will appear with the burn speed and options to select a disk drive; the default settings that the program offers are usually best. Click "Burn" in the dialogue box. A progress bar will appear; when it is finished, the newly-created DVD will appear on the desktop.


To ensure that the DVD is compatible with all DVD players, go to the "Burn" menu, click "Preferences," click the Video section, click the DVD tab and check the box next to "Create a fully compatible DVD-video disk."

Things You'll Need

  • Mac with DVD-R drive
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
  • Blank DVD-R disk
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