How to Knit a Prayer Blanket

Updated November 21, 2016

A prayer blanket functions like a prayer shawl. When you knit a prayer blanket for someone, you pray for that person as you knit and you give it to them in the hope that they will feel the love and prayer you used to create the blanket for them. You can knit a prayer blanket for someone you know who has experienced difficulty in life, or knit them for charity and give them to unknown recipients. If you knit a prayer blanket with dedication and prayer, the recipient is sure to feel that in the stitches.

Pray for the recipient of the blanket before you begin to knit. If you know the person, then your prayers can be specifically tailored to his or her particular situation. If you do not know who will receive your blanket, pray for positive influence and happiness for the person who receives it.

Cast on approximately 80 to 100 stitches, depending on the desired size of your blanket. The cast-on edge will determine the blanket's width; this type of blanket will be lap style when finished, so it should measure approximately 36 inches by 48 inches. Cast on stitches until your blanket width is as close to 36 inches as possible.

For the first three rows, knit every stitch. This will give your blanket a garter stitch edging so the ends will not curl.

On row four, knit every stitch. For row five, purl every stitch. Repeat these two rows again for rows six and seven. For rows eight through 10, knit every stitch. This will add a garter stitch strip through the middle of the blanket to give it texture.

Repeat rows four through 10 until you are almost out of yarn or the blanket is nearly at its desired length of 48 inches. Pray or think positively about the recipient as you knit. End your pattern with row seven, then knit three more rows. Bind off using knit stitches on the last row.

Cut your working yarn and weave in all of your loose ends using a large eye blunt needle. Pray for the recipient again before giving away the blanket.


This creates a lap-sized blanket using one to three skeins of worsted weight yarn. If you would like a larger blanket, cast on more stitches and knit for a longer length; in this case, you will need several more skeins of yarn as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Worsted weight yarn, approximately 300 to 600 yards
  • Circular knitting needles size US 8
  • Scissors
  • Large eye blunt needle
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