How to Put a Bipod on the Remington Model 770 Rifle

Updated February 21, 2017

A follow-up to the Remington 710, the Remington Model 770 is an economy hunting rifle in Remington's 700 series of rifles. Upgrades include a stainless steel action and barrel and optional camouflage finish. Mounting a bipod on the front of the Remington 770 provides a stable shooting platform for long-range shooting for target practice and hunting. Most aftermarket bipods are made to be readily detachable, and, as the Model 770 also comes factory-equipped with sling swivel studs, can be attached with the turn of a screw.

Check that the rifle is not loaded. Place it upside-down in the gun vice.

Hold the bipod with the legs folded and facing toward you.

Locate the attachment screw on the bipod and back it out with your fingers until the mounting studs on the insides of the bipod's spring-loaded plates are just wide enough to span the width of the front sling swivel stud. Use the screwdriver to turn the screw if it offers resistance.

Orient the bipod the bipod's legs so they are pointing forward, toward the front of the barrel.

Align the mounting studs on the insides of the bipod's spring-loaded plates with the holes in the sling-swivel stud.

Tighten the attachment screw with your fingers while guiding the mounting studs into the holes on the sling-swivel stud. Use screwdriver to finish tightening the attachment screw.


Face the legs of the bipod forward so the will not interfere with griping the rifle or carrying it on a sling when it is over your shoulder. Use thread sealer on the mounting screw to prevent it from working lose.


Check the attachment screw periodically to be sure it does not loosen.

Things You'll Need

  • Gun vice
  • Medium-blade regular screwdriver
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