Diy hanging tea light holders

Updated April 13, 2018

You may have attended an outdoor wedding or elegant backyard event and wondered how the decorator got all the twinkling lights up into the trees. Hanging tea light holders are a clever trick for creating an enchanting atmosphere with a few simple and inexpensive supplies. When deciding where to hang your votive holders, remember that you will need to replace the candles occasionally, so don't put them too far out of reach. The hangers can be extended to virtually any length you want by adding some small-link chain with an S-hook on each end.

Cut a length of wire approximately 10 inches long. Bend it in half.

Measure and cut a second piece of wire, 18 to 24 inches long. If using a wide-mouth jar, cut the wire 24 to 30 inches long.

Hold the short piece of wire so that each end rests on the jar threads, an equal distance away from the other. Slide the wire down, positioning 1 inch of wire below the lowest thread. Tape the wire in place.

Wrap the second piece of wire around the mouth of the jar, directly on top of the threads. Bend the end of the wire away from the threads so it's accessible when you're done wrapping. Enclose the ends of the first wire as you wrap.

Twist the ends of the long wire together tightly when you have finished wrapping it around the mouth of the jar. Remove the tape. Bend the excess wire up and over the jar threads and twist it around itself. Twist it securely because this is the locking mechanism that keeps the hanger in place. Repeat on both sides.

Pour approximately 1 inch of table salt or clean sand into the jar. Nestle the votive candle into the salt or sand to secure the candle in the centre of the jar. This keeps the flame from touching the glass.


Decorate the wire with a few beads or decorate the jar with paint or stickers Purchase long fireplace matches or a long-handled lighter for lighting the votives. This allows you to place the votive securely in the jar and light it safely from a distance. You can use mismatched candles in hanging tea light holders. When the hanging candles are seen at night, only the flicker of the flame is really noticable.


Keep fire safety in mind when hanging your votive holders. If hanging them from trees, make certain no dry leaves or branches are close to the mouths of the jars. Position the candle holders high enough so guests won't hit their heads.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire
  • Ruler
  • Utility scissors
  • Glass jar
  • Tape
  • Salt or sand
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