DIY: Breast Binders

Updated April 17, 2017

Breast binding is a common practice for women who want to make their chests look like those of men. A variety of methods exist for binding the breasts, and they are used by women playing men in movies or plays or by transgender people who want to match their appearance with their gender identity. Products like sports bras and compression shirts can work to minimise the appearance of breasts, but the same effect can be achieved with everyday household items and products that are available at the grocery store or drugstore.

Wrap your breasts with elastic bandages. Make sure you push your breasts near your armpits, away from the breast bone, before you begin wrapping.

Fasten the elastic bandages in place with safety pins. Make sure the bandages are snug but not too tight.

Wear an extra shirt over the elastic bandages to reduce their visibility.


To prevent unnecessary discomfort, use the widest elastic bandages you can find. If the elastic bandage method is too constricting or uncomfortable, try wearing a sports bra with layers of loose T-shirts on top of that. The two most common configurations for breast placement are away from the chest and up or away from the chest and down. Use the method you prefer.


Wrapping the elastic bandages too tight may constrict your breathing and movement. Binding with elastic bandages may cause you to sweat excessively or have rashes. If this occurs, try applying cornstarch to your skin before binding.

Things You'll Need

  • Elastic bandages
  • Safety pins
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