How to wear a groin guard

Updated March 23, 2017

A groin guard is a protective garment worn under clothing. The groin guard consists of a hard, protective cup. Groin guards are commonly used in martial arts during sparring. Both men and women wear groin guards to reduce the risk of injuries to the groin area. Groin guards are easy to put on. However, those wearing groin guards for the first time may not know how to wear the groin guard properly. Proper use of the groin guard is important in order to reduce the risk of injuries. Proper cleaning and maintenance are also important.

Wash the groin guard with soapy water before use. Make sure to also wash the straps. Allow it to air dry.

Put the groin guard on. The part with the narrow elastic should extend over your buttocks.

Position the front part so that it fits over your groin area. Keep adjusting the front part until it is comfortable.

Tie the back lacing so that the groin guard is tight and secure, but comfortable.

Wash with soapy water after use. Make sure to also wash the straps. Allow it to air dry.

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