How to Interrupt Chkdsk

The Chkdsk command is an NTFS disk checking feature built into the Windows operating system. It is available on Windows 95, XP, Vista and 7. It should only be used by users who have experience with the Windows registry and running advanced Windows operations. Interrupting the Chkdsk operation is not recommended; however, it can be stopped if run from within the Windows UI environment. It can also be cancelled before Windows boots up, which requires you to hit the "Esc" key within the first 10 seconds. Otherwise, you will have to perform a hard restart by holding in the "Power" button on your computer.

Click the "Start" icon, then type "chkdsk" in the search box for Windows Vista or 7 computers.

Click the "Start" menu on your Windows 95 or XP system. Select "Run" from the menu, then type "chkdsk" and hit the "Enter" key.

Press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys on your keyboard while Chkdsk is operating. This immediately shuts down the MS-DOS terminal window.


Stopping the Windows Chkdsk feature in the middle of its operation may cause loss of data, corrupt files and create bad disk sectors. Be cautious before interrupting Chkdsk.

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