How to Watch TV in Another Room Without Another Box

Updated February 21, 2017

So you have a cable or satellite system and you'd like to connect an additional television in another room without having to pay for another receiver. For a cable system, additional receivers can run anywhere from £3 to £16 more a month. It's even more expensive for satellite because you may have to purchase the equipment yourself. If you have a television in another room that you only use occasionally, a simple coaxial cable will save you from the additional purchase.

Locate the coaxial output on the back of your current cable or satellite receiver. This will be a cylindrical, round port with screw threads. It should also be labelled "output," or something similar. Insert the pin from one end of your coaxial into this port, then twist the end to secure it in place.

Run the coaxial wire to your additional television.

Locate the coaxial input on your television. Connect it in the same manner as described earlier.

Tune your television to channel three to receive the signal from your cable or satellite receiver.


Your additional television will essentially be a clone of your original TV, whatever channel you are watching on the one will show up on the other. If your additional television is out of remote range of your receiver, it will be very difficult to change channels.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cable
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