How to transfer ownership of a dog with an ID chip

Updated July 20, 2017

The introduction of microchip implants to help locate lost pets has made the process of returning those pets to their owners much easier and increased the odds that a lost pet will be reunited with its owners. If you have purchased, adopted or otherwise received a pet with a microchip, you will need to take some steps to make sure you are contacted in the event that your animal is lost and ends up in the hands of a veterinarian, humane society or other rescuer.

Complete the necessary documents to make sure you have legal possession of the animal. This would include a sales receipt or adoption papers. If the animal has a microchip implant, the previous owners should have registration documents from the manufacturer of the chip. If they don't have the documents, contact the veterinarian who implanted the chip. She will likely have the registration information.

Identify the manufacturer of the microchip. There are several chip manufacturers, and there is more than one database of registered animals. Although the industry is moving toward a universal database to match lost pets with their owners, only the manufacturer of your pet's chip can update the registry.

Call the microchip manufacturer and provide them with your updated ownership and contact information. It's possible that you can do this online, depending on the chip manufacturer. There may be a small charge for updating the registration. The unique ID number associated with the chip will be linked to your contact information, and you will be contacted if your lost pet is brought to a veterinary clinic or humane society.

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