How to Troubleshoot a JVC TV Display Problem

Updated February 21, 2017

The Victor Company of Japan is known as JVC in the United States. It was a pioneer in the development of VHS video cassette recorders. Its television products are high-quality. However, as with any television, there can be display problems. Display problems on JVC televisions can be related to no picture, poor colour quality, lines appearing across the picture, and the picture being spotted or ghosted amongst other things. These kinds of display problems can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Verify that the connections are tight and haven't become dislodged if there's no picture on the JVC TV display. Toggle the "Input" button on the remote control and view "Input-1," "Input-2" and so on until the source you have connected shows up. Make sure the source is turned on if it doesn't appear. For example, if your source is a cable box on "Input-2," the box must be on and connected.

Adjust the "Tint" and "Color" settings from the menu if colour is poor. Press the "Menu" button and then "Picture." Look through the list of picture settings and make changes to "Tint" and "Color" until the display looks correct. Also take a look at the other settings in the list. For example, if the display is too dim, change the "Bright" setting until it improves.

Turn off nearby electrical appliances if there are lines across the picture. Try to identify the interference-causing device through elimination. Spotty pictures are often caused by interference too.

Adjust the antenna position if you see ghosting on the JVC TV display.

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