How to Preset the Radio Stations on a Pioneer DEH-P3000 CD Player

Updated April 17, 2017

Pioneer makes many different electronic products, including a line of CD players that can play your favourite albums in your car as well as pick up AM an FM radio stations. The Pioneer DEH-P3000 line of CD players allows you to tune into stations in the area and listen to them while you cruise down the highway. By programming the stations into the preset buttons on the face of the Pioneer CD player, you can save these channels into the device's internal memory and pull them up with the press of a single button, allowing you to focus on driving.

Turn on your Pioneer CD player by turning on your car and pressing the "Power" button. Press the "Band" button to select between AM and three different FM frequencies. Each FM frequency will broadcast the same radio stations but will allow you to program up to six stations for each FM mode.

Push the multi-control button to the left or right to manually tune to your favourite radio stations. If you are not sure what stations are available, hold down the left or right buttons to search for available stations that you can receive in the area you are in.

Push the "List" button when you have tuned into the station that you want to save into your Pioneer CD player's internal memory. Pressing the "List" button will bring up the preset menu. Use the left and right buttons on the multi-control to select between the six presets. When you have chosen the one you want to save the current station to, press and hold the centre of the multi-control button to save your station to that number.

Press the "Band" button to save your preset and return to the normal display of your CD player. To program the other stations, repeat the process from Step 1, tuning to a different station and selecting a different preset number to save the station to. Press the "Band" button when finished to save your changes. To recall your stations later, press the up and down buttons on your multi-control to cycle through your presets.

Things You'll Need

  • Pioneer DEH-P3000 CD player
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