How do I Repair an Oakley D1 Watch?

Updated March 23, 2017

The Oakley D1 watch was created for the adventurous athlete. With features such as timers and advanced settings, the Oakley D1 is much more than a typical watch. Additionally, it can be immersed up to 100 meters under water. As its manual states, the D1 is "timing technology for the human machine," and is developed for the training requirements of professional athletes. However, as every piece of technology, an Oakley D1 may break and require repair or replacement.

Find the original Oakley warranty which came with purchase as well as a receipt. An original Oakley D1 watch has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty protects against manufacturer's defects but not against wear and tear from use, damage when misused or alterations made to the watch. This warranty is only valid for authentic Oakley watches purchased from authorised Oakley Timepiece dealers.

Contact Oakley Customer Care at (800) 403-7449 to make a warranty claim. Explain the problem. You will receive an Oakley Warranty Tracking Number. Write down this number for future reference.

Pack your Oakley D1 watch into a cardboard box. Include your name, address and telephone number inside as well as the tracking number you were provided with by Oakley Customer Care. Also include a description of the problem and attach a copy of a receipt which has the date of purchase. Oakley Customer Care may have asked you for additional information which should be included as well.

Write the Oakley Warranty Tracking Number on the outside of the package. This is very important since not doing so may delay your package or it will be returned to you without repair.

Send the package using a shipping service which offers insurance and tracking. This will protect your package and ensure safe delivery. Oakley is not responsible for packages which are lost in transit.

Wait for your repaired Oakley D1 watch to arrive in the mail. Contact the company for updates on your repair. Always use your Oakley Warranty Tracking Number for easier and faster assistance.


Register your Oakley D1 watch right after purchase or at any time either by mail or online on the Oakley website. This enables Oakley to document your purchase.


The warranty on the Oakley D1 watch does not cover the glass crystal, strap, band, bracelet or any attachments. Scratches are not covered, neither is moisture damage or damage caused by a natural disaster. Oakley has the right to deny repairs if they are the result of misuse or abuse.

Things You'll Need

  • Original warranty
  • Receipt or dated proof-of-purchase
  • Cardboard box
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