How to Improve Buffering Speed

Updated April 17, 2017

Video buffering problems occur when information that's being sent through the Internet is playing faster than it can download. There is nothing more frustrating than having a video or television show you are watching stop and start over and over because of the buffering speed. You can easily troubleshoot your computer's buffering speed, allowing you to view videos uninterruptedly.

Close any other running programs on your computer while you are watching a video. Other running programs interfere with your Internet's connection speed.

Stop or pause any downloads or automatic updates that may be running on your computer. This takes away from the bandwidth available on your computer. The more bandwidth available on a computer, the easier it will be for the computer to buffer any videos you are trying to play online or with a media player on your computer.

Watch the video online at a different time, when website traffic is less. Too many people trying to access a website to view videos will cause server issues, which will ultimately affect the buffering speed of the video you are trying to play.

Pause the video and let the video buffer for a few minutes before selecting the "Play" button again. Giving the download a few minutes to catch up while the movie is on pause may help to fix the problem.

Refresh your Internet browser or try watching the video on a different Web browser. Firefox tends to have many issues with buffering videos.

Close all other tabs on your Internet browser.

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