How to Sync Samsung Phones With Macs

Written by joshua laud | 13/05/2017

If you are a Samsung phone user, you know that there is no official Samsung software that connects your phone to a Mac. Likewise, Apple's iSync software is not compatible with Samsung phones due to Samsung leaving out the necessary syncing technology. If you want to sync your Samsung with a Mac, you must use Nova Media's FoneSync for Samsung Phones. This software is available for purchase, but you can also download a trial version.

Navigate to FoneSync for Samsung Phones (see Resources). Check to see whether your phone is supported. If it is, click "Download."

Double-click the downloaded disk image to mount it. Double-click the installer icon when the disk image opens. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete set-up.

Go to "Settings" on your Samsung phone. Then choose "Phone Settings," "PC Connections" and then "Samsung PC Studio." Switch back to the main menu.

Connect your phone via USB.

Click "Applications" on your Mac and then double-click "FoneSync." Click "Add Phone" and then select your phone.

Click "Sync Settings" if you want to change the settings. When you click each option, you will be presented with options as to which data to prefer--the Mac data or your phone data. Select your options and click "Save."

Click "Sync Contacts," "Sync Calendar" or "Sync All," depending on what you wish to sync.

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