How to Prevent a Dent

Updated April 17, 2017

Protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage by taking steps to avoid dents. While some people feel that ugly door dings and creases are just a grim fact of life that cannot be prevented, there are some steps you can take to keep your vehicle as pristine as the day you bought it.

Garage your car whenever possible. A garage, free of unnecessary clutter, is the best place to park a vehicle. If your garage is full of junk, chances are that some of it could fall on your car, causing damage. Also, you may accidentally open your door into something and dent it. Keep your parking area as free and clear as possible of unnecessary objects.

Park as far away as possible from other vehicles in car parks. Careless people might dent your vehicle when opening a door.

Cover your car. If you cannot park your vehicle in a garage, protect it with a car cover, which may prevent some forms of damage. Car covers may be able to cushion and protect your car from some door dings, as well as weather damage.

Park your car away from outdoor sporting areas, such as baseball fields. People often forget that foul balls can, and do, fall in unexpected areas. Be safe, and park well out of range of balls whenever possible.

Park in slanted parking spaces, which are easier for cars to get in and out of, and will prevent drivers from inadvertently hitting your vehicle.

Carefully brush away snow. If you live in an area where your car may get buried under snow, great care must be taken when removing the snow. Sometimes, there is so much snow, you just have to use a shovel to reach your car, but be very careful, and avoid getting too close to your vehicle. Once you have got the majority of the show off, use a snow brush to rid the vehicle of the rest of the snow.

Visually sweep the area behind you before you get into your vehicle, taking note of any objects. Dents occur when people back the vehicle, forgetting there is an out-of-view object, such as a low pole, behind them.

If you can afford it, purchase a camera or laser guided device to aid you when you are backing up your vehicle.

Add door bumpers to your garage. These bumpers are mounted on the walls of your garage, preventing damage to your car and garage. (see Resources)

Use magnetic door bumpers that attach to your car to prevent other cars from hitting and damaging your vehicle. Doordefender and Door Shox are two manufacturers that offer these devices. (see Resources)

Drive defensively. Pay attention to what others are doing, and drive accordingly. Do not follow too closely, and watch to see if the vehicles around you know that you are there. Avoid driving in another driver's blind spot.

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