How to Reinstall an Old Version of iTunes

Updated July 20, 2017

iTunes has quickly become the most popular mp3 audio library and player on the market. Apple provides iTunes free of charge, typically packaged with QuickTime Express movie software, but it only offers the latest version. Apple does not offer older versions of iTunes on its websites. However, you may have an older computer or prefer an older version of the iTunes application. Luckily there are third-party websites that offer old versions of iTunes for download, which you can use to install or reinstall older iTunes software.

Visit the iTunes page at and download the old version of iTunes you'd like to install to your computer's hard drive (see Resources).

Double click on the downloaded iTunes installer file and click "OK."

Click "I agree" to accept the user license agreement.

Click on the folder on your hard drive where you'd like to reinstall iTunes and click "Next."

Click "Finish."

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