How to System Restore a Toshiba Laptop Portege 4010 to Factory Out-of-Box Settings

If your Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop is exhibiting problems due to viruses, spyware or malware, performing a system restore will likely help. Restoring the Portege 4010 original settings and original software installation essentially returns the laptop to the state it was in when you first purchased it. But, while a system restore allows you to repair all sorts of software-related problems, it will also destroy all the information on your hard drive. Therefore, back up all of your important data files before restoring your Toshiba Portege.

Shut down the Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop. Connect the AC power adaptor.

Press and hold "F11" key on the 4010 keyboard while you push the power button. Continue to hold the "F11" key down until the Toshiba Recovery Wizard appears.

Use the down-arrow key to navigate to the "Recovery of Factory Default Software" option, then press the "Enter" key. Move to the cursor to the "Recover to out-of-box state" option, and press the "Enter" key.

Follow the on-screen directions carefully to restore the operating system and software on the Portege 4010. The restore utility installs software that changes settings on Portege 4010. Press any key to restart your Portege 4010 laptop when the restore utility prompts you to do so.

Log out of Windows, then turn off the 4010 laptop.

Power the laptop back on, then insert the first recovery CD into the CD/DVD drive as soon as the 4010 starts to boot up. Ensure you insert the disc before Windows starts to boot or you will need to power the machine off and try again.

Press the "F12" key as soon as you see the Toshiba logo screen. After the boot options menu appears, choose the CD/DVD option and press the "Enter" key.

Click "Recovery of Factory Default Software" on the recovery menu screen, then click the "Next" button or press the "Enter" key.

Click the "Recover to out-of-box state" recovery option, then click the "Recover" button or press the "Enter" key.

Press any key to restart the Portege 4010 when prompted to do so.


Do not attempt the restore the Portege 4010 without the AC adaptor connected to the laptop. If the battery dies during the recovery process, a surge or power failure could corrupt the recovery partition on the hard drive.

Things You'll Need

  • Toshiba recovery CDs (optional)
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