How to Unlock My Acer 5515 Laptop Keyboard

Updated February 21, 2017

The Acer 5515 laptop has a security function that allows users to lock their computer before stepping away. This feature is designed to prevent unauthorised people from accessing the owner's files. However, once the computer is locked it will unlock only if the correct key combination is entered onto the laptop. Even turning the computer off or allowing it to run out of battery power will not reset the locked keyboard feature. However, unlocking the keyboard for your Acer 5515 takes only a couple of steps.

Open the Acer 5515 laptop and turn it on. Allow the user to complete all start-up procedures before pressing any buttons on the keyboard.

Locate the "Windows" button. It is located on the bottom left-hand side of the keyboard and has a dark circle with a little waving flag inside. Locate the "L" button as well.

Press both buttons at the same time. The laptop keyboard is now unlocked. Test the computer by trying to open a file on the computer. If the keyboard did not unlock, repeat the procedure and be sure to press the buttons at the same time. The keyboard will unlock.

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