How to find traffic stats on a website

Updated April 17, 2017

There are a number of resources online you can use to look up traffic statistics for a website. Some of these resources will not only show you traffic stats but also give you an estimated value of how much the site is worth, as well as let you compare it to other sites. Knowing the traffic stats for a website is very important if you plan on purchasing it. The amount of traffic a website receives plays a significant role in how much revenue the site can generate.

Go to (see Resources).

Type the URL (web address) of the site into the search bar, then click "Search."

Click on the result that matches your query. The graph displayed will show you traffic stats for that website compared with other websites in the Alexa database.

Go to (see Resources).

Type the URL (web address) of the site into the search bar, then click "Calculate."

Scroll down the page to "Estimated Data." You will see the estimated daily page views that site receives. Scroll down farther to see more traffic stats.

Go to (see Resources).

Type one, two or three web addresses into the search bars.

Click "Compare." You will see a graph that shows you how the traffic stats for each site compare to one another.

Go to (see Resources).

Type the web address into the search bar.

Click "Check." StatBrain will display the total number of daily visitors the site receives along with Alexa data.

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