How to design a floorplan for free online

Written by mayankj | 13/05/2017
How to design a floorplan for free online
Online floor plan design is easier than drawing the floor plan by hand. (compass on blueprint image by FrankU from

Homes are all made with specific floor plans. Some homes are designs with a cookie-cutter or generic floor plan that is similar to most other houses made from the same construction company, while other homes are made with a custom floor plan and design. Anyone thinking of making a custom home can benefit from working on the floor plan's design beforehand. With the Internet, there are now free programs and websites that allow floor plan designing.

Select a floor plan design website. is a site that offers free home designing options. Another option is downloading the free design software, which allows the use of the software at any preferred time. Free downloadable software is more common and is available on websites such as

Open an account. If using the online program at, the account is free to open. Upon opening the account, the online floor planning design software is available for use. If downloading, an account is not necessary.

Design the floor plan. Floor plan designs can differ by any personal preferences. The software provides tools to make the floor plan and to design the rooms, including the addition of furniture.

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