How to open the case of an xps 8100

Every new project or procedure you start for the very first time may at first seem like an impossible feat. But once started, you often find that the process isn't as difficult as you thought. Opening a Dell XPS 8100 is just such a project. Removing the case panel to clean the interior of the computer or to change memory, a hard drive or the power supply is actually a simple task taking just a few moments of your time.

Turn the computer so the back is facing you. Disconnect the desktop case from the power outlet. Remove all the external cables going to the keyboard, mouse, display and any other external devices.

Place the computer on its side, with the cover facing up. Remove the thumbscrews by turning them counterclockwise with your fingers. Use a flat-blade screwdriver if the screws are too tight to remove with your fingers.

Slide the computer cover toward you and away from the front of the computer and lift it off.

Lay the computer on its side so you can see the interior of the computer to blow compressed air in, remove devices or easily access a slot to insert a card.


Before handling any internal components, ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat-blade screwdriver
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