How to Sell Hot Sauce

Updated March 23, 2017

If you love cooking and can make tasty hot sauce, you can convert your skill into a source of income. Build a small business making and selling hot sauce from your home. You can do this from your own kitchen if you intend to start on a small scale. You need to follow the local health department's rules and regulations when you set up your business. Production has to be done in clean and healthy surroundings to ensure food safety.

Understand the regulations related to licenses, food safety and sanitation, packaging, labelling and zoning. Contact your local health department for assistance. Check if zoning laws allow a food production unit to be set up in your locality.

Ensure that the kitchen where you will make the sauce satisfies requirements such as municipal water supply, garbage disposal system and good ventilation. Check with your local health department for rules and regulations.

Apply for a permit. Contact your local health department to get an application form. The fee for getting a permit will depend on the size of the unit.

Check if you will need to provide a nutrition label for your product. According to the FDA, if annual sales are below 10,000 units and number of full time employees is fewer than 10, you may not need to provide a nutrition label on the product if you are not an importer.

Identify channels through which you can sell the sauce. Possible customers are local retail stores, restaurants, friends and neighbours in your community. Try and market your product on the Internet as well. Create a website to promote the product.

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