Coleman 295-700T Lantern Lighting Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

Coleman produces a wide range of lanterns used for outdoor and emergency situations. Designed with both single and double mantels and in different sizes, Coleman lanterns are available from a variety of retailers. The Coleman dual fuel, double mantle model 295-700T is designed to burn either white gasoline (Coleman fuel) or unleaded gasoline.

Set the lantern on a flat, stable surface outside. Close the pump knob by turning it clockwise.

Open the fuel filler cap of the lantern. Use a funnel to fill the tank with Coleman fuel or unleaded gasoline; do not overfill to the point of spilling. Replace the fuel cap on the lantern securely.

Locate the primer pump on the side of the lantern near the top of the tank. Turn the primer pump to the left to release.

Place your thumb on the opening in the centre of the primer pump. Pump the primer 20 to 30 times and turn the pump to the right to close.

Strike a match and insert the lit match through the small lighting hole located near the base of the lantern globe. Turn the fuel control to high and allow the gas to begin burning and the mantles to glow as they warm. Adjust the fuel control to achieve the desired brightness level.


Coleman lanterns are intended to use outside only. Never fill the lantern or use it inside.

Things You'll Need

  • Coleman fuel or unleaded gasoline
  • Funnel
  • Matches
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