How to select square cloths for round tables

Updated February 21, 2017

Tablecloths add grace and interest to any table and are available in many shapes, including round, square and oval. Although round tablecloths are the most common choice for round tables, square tablecloths are another option. Square tablecloths give a feeling of elegance to a round table, and when draped correctly, they can even hide table legs. With some simple measurements and calculations, you can be sure you are selecting the proper size square tablecloth for your round table.

Measure the diameter of your round table.

Measure the distance from your tabletop to the floor. Most tabletops sit at a height of 30 inches.

Determine the length of the drop you desire your tablecloth to have. Tablecloths at formal occasions usually have a 30-inch drop and touch the floor, while most informal occasions call for the tablecloth to drop 15 inches from the edge, or halfway to the floor.

Multiply the length of your desired drop by two. Add the resulting number to the width of your table. For example, if the width of your table is 60 inches and you want a 15-inch drop, multiply 15 inches by two, which is 30 inches. Add 30 inches to 60 inches to come up with 90 inches. So the proper size square tablecloth for your table would be 90 inches.

Tip has a chart that suggests ideal tablecloth size based on the width of your table and your desired drop. A square tablecloth that measures the same size as the width of your round tabletop will create a square frame for your table's centrepiece. For example, a 60-inch square tablecloth can frame a 60-inch round tabletop. For formal occasions, try draping your round table with a square tablecloth that is long enough to puddle slightly on the floor. This gives your table a unique, elegant appearance.


Due to limited legroom, guests seated at a table with a floor-length tablecloth may find it difficult to sit comfortably.

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