How to trace a car's owner by the licence plate

Written by latasha rogers | 13/05/2017
How to trace a car's owner by the licence plate
The DVLA keeps records of British licence plate numbers. (TonyBaggett/iStock/Getty Images)

Sometimes situations require you to track someone down by their license plate number, also known as the car's registration. Circumstances such as a car accident, where one of the parties involved fled the scene and needed to be found for legal and insurance reasons. Alternately tracking down a long lost family member may depend on the licence number that they last had. Whatever the reason, tracking down the owner of the car can be done in various ways. Although some licence plate numbers are not open to the public, the information can be obtained by police assistance.

Go to the UK Government website page about the DVLA (see Resources). Download form V888 and print it out. You need to have a "reasonable cause" to trace the owner of a car and the current definition of acceptable reasons is explained on the UK Government DVLA page.

Fill in the form V88. You will need to pay a nominal fee of £2.50 if you want to know details of the car's owner on a specific date, or £5.00 if you want the entire ownership history of the car.

Post the form, together with a cheque or postal order for the processing fee. The address of the DVLA is printed on the form.

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