How to Connect an HP Compaq 6715B to Wi-Fi

Updated February 21, 2017

Wireless Internet is a popular and convenient alternative to traditional, wired Internet. Wi-Fi Internet offers high-speed connections without having to physically plug any ethernet cables into the computer, allowing you freedom of movement without ever losing your net connection. If you use the Compaq 6715B and want to connect to a Wi-Fi Internet network, you can do so in just a few basic steps.

Enable the 6715B's wireless card by pressing the wireless button on the top of the keyboard, located between the HP Quicklook and HP Presentation buttons lining the top of the keyboard. If you see the button illuminate, your 6715B's wireless card has been enabled and is ready to scan for available wireless networks.

Navigate to your computer's network connections manager by opening the "Start" menu and choosing "Control Panel." Click the "Network Connections" control panel. In later versions of Windows, "Network Connections" may be called "Network and Sharing Center," and you may need to click "Manage Network Connections" or "Change Adapter Settings" in order to get to the network connections manager.

Determine which wireless network you want to connect to by identifying its ESSID, or network name, listed under the icon labelled "wireless network connection." It is vital that you connect to the right network so as to avoid illegally connecting to someone else's network.

Connect to the network by right-clicking on the network icon and choosing "Connect." The 6715B's wireless card will then attempt to gather IP address information and a pop-up window will indicate whether it was able to successfully connect to the network or not.

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