How to crack a wii without a mod chip

Updated April 17, 2017

There's more to the Nintendo Wii than just playing video games. When you crack your Wii, it enables you to use home brew applications. One example of a home brew application is Media Player CE, which enables you to watch movies, listen to music and use the Internet browser freely. You can even set up your Wii to connect to your computer and stream movies, music and data back and forth. Some famous emulators to play on your Wii are old Nintendo 64 games, PlayStation games, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Use the Homebrew Channel to crack your Wii without using a mod chip.

Navigate to HackMii (see Resources) and click on "Download" to save the Homebrew Channel to your computer. Navigate to WiiBrew (see Resources) and pick Bannerbomb v1 or Bannerbomb v2 depending on your console version and save to your computer.

Format your SD card by going to "Start," "Computer," and right-click on your SD card. Scroll down and select "Format," and "Start."

Copy the downloaded Homebrew and Bannerbomb files into the "apps" on your SD card. Load any applications, emulators or other files that you may have into the "apps" folder as well.

Insert the SD card into your Wii once the files are copied correctly onto the SD card. The SD card slot on the Wii is in the front of the console. There is a small white cover you flip open to reveal the slot. Power your Wii on.

Navigate to the Wii memory menu, go to the SD card and open the SD card menu. Locate the Bannerbomb exploit and press A on your remote. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will have the Homebrew Channel installed.

Power off your Wii, and power it back on.

Go to the Homebrew Channel and open it by clicking on it and pressing "Start." Once the channel loads, your applications will also load and you'll have access to them. You have now successfully cracked your Wii without a mod chip.


Keep the SD card in the Wii when using the Homebrew Channel as this is the memory the Homebrew Channel uses while in operation.


Installing home brew software or modifying your Nintendo Wii in any way will void your warranty. Use of the Homebrew Channel and home brew applications are legal.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card
  • Home brew Channel
  • Bannerbomb
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