How to Create a New HP Recovery Partition

Updated July 20, 2017

Partitioning the hard disk is the first thing that should be done before installing Windows. Partitioning the hard disk means dividing the hard disk in various partitions, which will appear as "C," "D," "E" and so on in Windows Explorer. Most hard disks have one partition, the "C" partition. Sometimes the hard disk is provided with an additional recovery partition by the computer manufacturer and it is usually hidden. Never delete this partition, unless you are sure about what you are doing. HP computers come with Recovery Tools to assist in creating partitions.

Insert the "Recovery Tools" CD. Click "OK" to restart the PC and bring up the "Recovery Tools" CD menu.

Click "Run Microsoft Recovery Console," then select "Next." After "Microsoft Recovery Console" has run through the system checks, press "R" to begin the repair process.

Enter the number of Windows installations you would like to log on to and press "Enter." Enter the administrator password. If there isn't a password, press "Enter."

Type "diskpart" at the "C:\Windows>" prompt. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys to highlight the partition to create.

Press the letter "C" to create the partition and enter the size for the partition. Press the "ESC" button when finished creating partitions.

Remove the "Recovery Tools" CD from the drive and type "exit" at the prompt to restart the PC. The partitions have been created.

Things You'll Need

  • HP Recovery Tools CD
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