How to Remove Bearings on a Shimano FH-M475

Updated April 17, 2017

Shimano bicycle wheel hubs are known for their reliability, strength, rolling speed and value. The FH-M475 is one hub that has become standard on many mountain bikes made by Trek, Cannondale and Specialized. However, even the strongest, most expensive hubs will need their bearings replaced eventually, as these are considered wear parts. If your FM-M475 bearings are worn, learn how to remove them from the hub so they may be replaced.

Remove the wheel from the bicycle by flipping the quick-release lever and loosening the skewer until the wheel falls out of the dropouts.

Twist the quick release skewer lever counter-clockwise until the skewer separates into two parts. Remove the skewer from the hub.

Hold the bearing cone closest to the hub in place using a 15mm cone wrench. Loosen the axle locknut using a 17mm wrench. Remove both the locknut and bearing cone from the axle by twisting them counterclockwise.

Slide the axle out of the hub. Twist the bearing cone and locknut back onto the axle so as not to lose them, and set the axle aside.

Remove the bearings from the now-open bearing race on both sides of the hub.

Things You'll Need

  • 15mm cone wrench
  • 17mm wrench
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