How to Print a Printer Settings Configuration Sheet for a Dell 1720

Updated April 17, 2017

The Dell 1720 is a black and white laser printer manufactured by Dell. It features a large paper tray and quick page printing. The printer also can be added to a network. However, in order to perform this operation, it is necessary to find some system information for the printer. This information is included on the printer settings configuration sheet, which can be printed from the device. All relevant information for the printer, including its current status, can be found on this sheet.

Flip the switch on the back of the printer to turn off the Dell 1720 Laser Printer.

Press the large silver button on the left side of the printer to open the front cover of the printer.

Press and hold the "Continue" button on the top front of the printer, then turn on the printer while still holding the "Continue" button.

Release the "Continue" button after all the lights on the front right side of the printer have cycled.

Close the front cover of the printer by pushing it up.

Press and hold the "Continue" button until all the lights on the front right side of the printer have cycled again. This will prompt the printer settings configuration sheet to print.


When attempting to verify correct installation of the Dell 1720 printer, open the computer's Control Panel" and select "Printers." Right-click on the "Dell 1720" option and choose "Properties," then click the "Print Test Page" button.

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