How to remove rear wiper blades

Written by johnathan cronk | 13/05/2017
How to remove rear wiper blades
Remove a rear wiper blade to replace the blade or perform maintenance. (man working on car image by palms from

Many vehicles are equipped with rear windshield wipers, most commonly, sport utility vehicles, hatchbacks and estate cars. The rear windshield wiper allows the driver to have visibility in the rear windshield. This is important during bad weather or dirty conditions. The rear windshield wiper will need to be replaced occasionally. When you notice the wiper streaking on the glass or becoming worn, remove it immediately to properly replace the blade.

Place the vehicle in "Park." Pull the wiper arm out to access the wiper blade. Depending on the vehicle make and model, the rear wiper blade may need to be in vertical position. Turn the wiper on until it reaches the vertical position and then turn the wiper off. Pull the wiper arm away from the glass.

Position the wiper blade arm so it is perpendicular with the wiper arm. You will now have access to the wiper blade.

Depress the wiper arm clip, which is located where the arm and blade meet. Slide the wiper blade down and remove from the wiper arm. Discard the blade.

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